Get Started

Before requesting income and employment verification, create a case and share data either by uploading one or more payslips to the case.

Create a Case

Create a case using the create case endpoint. A case can optionally contain  people. You can share data and request an Income and Employment verification at the case or person level.

  • For unique insights for individual applicants within a case, add each person as a person entity, upload relevant documents and request the verification per person.
  • For joint applications or to generate insights on multliple applicants, add all necessary documents or connections to the case and request insights for the entire case.

Upload Payslips

Upload payslips using the upload document endpoint. Ensure the entity_id and entity_type are specified in the request. For more accurate results, upload at least three complete months payslips.

Payslips must meet the following criteria:

  • Documents must be unaltered and unencrypted.
  • Documents should have a good resolution. If they are scanned or are an image then the image should not be blurry and all text must be clear.

Webhook Integration

When a payslip has been uploaded and we have attempted to extract the data from it we will try to send a PayslipProcessing.Completed webhook if one has been configured in our API. For full details, please see the Payslip Processing Completed Webhook section.