Income Types

Below is a summary of the available income_types which can be returned as part of the verification.

Income TypeDescription
EmploymentRefers to income that comes from full or part time employment. Includes salary, commission, overtime, allowances and stipends.
Self-EmploymentRefers to income that comes from self-employment. This could be via a partnership, sole trader, or limited company. Includes salary, dividends, net profits.
Employment and/or Self-employmentRefers to income that comes from either full time or part time employment or from self-employment. This category is used when the income is a form of wage or salary but it cannot be determined whether the income is from employment or self-employment.
BenefitsRefers to income from benefits such as child benefits, universal credit, state disability benefit.
PensionsRefers to income from a private or state pension plan.
Pensions and/or BenefitsRefers to income that comes either from pensions or benefits. This category is used for income from the UK pensions and state in scenarios in which when it cannot be determined whether the income is from pensions or benefits.
PropertyRefers to property related income. Includes rental income.
OtherRefers to income from any source that could not be identified or could not be allocated to one of the categories above.