Sikoia's Income and Employer Verification solution enables you to effortlessly verify an individual's income and employer details by analysing information embedded in payslip documents for a person living in the UK. This robust solution serves as a valuable asset, particularly for simplifying intricate processes such as loan assessments and mortgage affordability checks.

Key Features

  • Income & employment details: Gain a comprehensive understanding of a person's income and their employment details. Our solution presents a concise summary of annual gross pay, monthly gross pay, and monthly net pay broken down by income type and source.
  • Additional information: Delve deeper into a person's income with additional insights. Uncover details about one-off payments like bonuses, and receive alerts for significant deductions, such as those linked to student loan repayments.

How it Works

  1. Create a case: Create a case using the create case endpoint and add any relevant entities to the case.
  2. Add payslips: Upload payslips to the relevant entity.
  3. Generate verification request: Request a verification using the request Income & Employer endpoint.
  4. Retrieve the results: Retrieve the Income & Employer results to review the income & employment details and additional information.

See the image below for additional details.

Recipe & Endpoints

Explore our Income & Employer recipe to get started and be one of the earliest adopters.


Start exploring Sikoia's Income & Employer Verification endpoints here.

More Information

Have questions or want to discuss our solution with a specialist? Have specific categories or indicators you'd like to see added to the lists above? Contact us and we'll be happy to assist.

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