A case is a tool for gathering all the info you need to make business decisions. Cases can be thought of as a folder where all the necessary information can be grouped together.  Typically, these details are related to one or more companies and/or individuals. Here are some examples:

  • A lending company might create a case in order to process a loan application from a business/company.
  • A mortgage broker might create a case to process a mortgage application from a single person or two or more people.
  • A debt financing company might create a case to issue a corporate credit card or a BNPL (buy now pay later) product for a business/company.

Each case is given a unique identifier, the case_id. This identifier is used when retrieving or updating information related to the case, adding more entities like companies or people, or enriching the case with additional details, such as documents.



Start exploring Sikoia's case endpoints here.