Case Management

Case management is a system for organising and tracking the progress and activities within a case. These tools empower you to efficiently manage and monitor the case's progress, ensuring that all tasks and objectives related to it are handled effectively.

Case Stage

Sikoia's case management system allows you to define the current stage of a case within your internal workflow. You can set the case stage to one of the following:

Case StageDescription
NewA case that has just been created.
Waiting for CustomerA case awaiting action from the end customer, such as completing an open banking connection request, identity verification, or document sharing.
Needs ReviewA case that requires review by a team member
ApprovedA case that has been approved by a team member.
RejectedA case that has been rejected by a team member.
DormantA case that has become inactive.

The case stage is automatically set to 'New' when created and can be updated anytime using the update case endpoint or through the Sikoia Dashboard.

Case Owner

Sikoia's case management system also enables you to assign an owner to a case. An owner is the person who is responsible for working on that particular case. The owner can be any user within your Sikoia system.

You can update the case owner at anytime using the update case endpoint or via the Sikoia Dashboard.

Case Notes

Sikoia also enables you to enhance collaboration by adding notes to a case. This is particularly useful when multiple team members need to jointly review a case or when documenting information (such as the rationale for a particular decision) for future reference.

To create a new case note or to view existing notes, simply open the Sikoia Dashboard, navigate to the relevant case, and click on the 'Case Notes' button.



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