What it Does

Sikoia's documents solution allows you to upload files or documents containing additional entity data to any company, person or case.

Once uploaded you can retrieve data from bank statements using Sikoia's Banking solution. You can also run additional analysis on certain document types by using Sikoia's Affordability Insights solution.

How it Works

  1. Create a Case: Create a case and optionally add a person or company entity to the case.
  2. Select the entity to which you want to attach the document. Documents can be uploaded to people, companies or cases.
  3. Base64 encode the file: Any files to be uploaded to the platform need to be base64 encoded and sent as a string.
  4. Upload the document: Once it is base64 encoded, you can go ahead and upload the document via the upload document endpoint

Document Types

When uploading a file, you can set the document_type to one of the following:

Document TypeDescription
BankStatementDetailed report of transactions and balances in a bank account.
BenefitAwardLetterLetter from government agency confirming eligibility for social welfare benefits.
ChildBenefitLetterLetter issued from the Child Benefit Office.
CompanyRegistrationOfficial record confirming a company's legal existence.
ContractAny form of contractual agreement.
CreditReportDocument summarising the credit history of an individual or business.
EmploymentContractAgreement setting out employment conditions, rights and responsibilities.
EmploymentLetterLetter from an employer stating employment details.
FactFindDocument summarising essential information about an individual or business.
FinancialAccountsDocument showing profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flow statements for an entity.
IdentityGovernment issued card or record to verify an individual's identity.
P45HMRC form filled by the employer when an employee stops working.
P60End-of-year certificate from HMRC.
PayslipDocument issued by an employer showing salary details.
PensionStatementPension plan statement detailing the amount in a pension pot
SA302Detailed tax calculation summary from HMRC.
SavingsStatementBank statement on savings, ISA, and other accounts.
StakeholdersDisclosureOfficial record about entities holding an interest in a business or project.
StudentLoanLetterLetter from a lender specifying details of a student loan.
TaxAny other document issued by tax authorities.
TaxOverviewLess detailed tax calculation summary from HMRC.
UtilityBillStatement detailing charges for essential services (e.g. electricity, water, gas).
OtherAny other document that doesn’t fit the types above.

Recipe & Endpoints

Check out this recipe for more information on how to use Sikoia's API to attach documents to an entity.


Start exploring Sikoia's document endpoints here.

What’s Next