Adverse Media

What it Does

Sikoia's adverse media solution enables you to perform extensive searches of a person or company across global news outlets to uncover negative news, criminal activities, or reputational risks.

Through a unified API, Sikoia provides access to providers such as ComplyAdvantage ensuring you receive verified information in a standardised API response format.

How it Works

  1. Create a Case & Add an Entity: Create a case and add a person or company entity to the case.
  2. Provide Entity Details: Provide any additional details for the entity.
    • For company searches, consider whether you want to use the company's trading name or legal name.
    • For a person, searches are based on the person's name and, if available, their date of birth with middle names or abbreviations potentially impacting results. Enter as much information as you have about the person to improve the accuracy of the results.
  3. Set "Fuzziness": Fuzziness allows for flexible matching of search terms by accommodating variations in spelling. If you misspell or are unsure of the spelling of a search term, the system will still return relevant entities with similar spellings, accounting for inserted, omitted, or replaced characters.
    • The fuzziness level ranging from 0 and 1, determines the tolerance for spelling variations in the search. A lower level yields fewer allowed variations and results while a higher level increases the likelihood of returning entities with different spellings.
  4. Run Search: Once you've provided the search details and fuzziness level, you can go ahead and run you search using the request adverse media search endpoint.
  5. Retrieve Results: Retrieve the results via the retrieve adverse media searches endpoint. The response will tell you how many matches or search results were found for the company or person. If no matches are found, you don't need to do anything else. If matches are found, they can be reviewed in more detail in the Sikoia Dashboard where the AI assistant is available to help determine the relevance and risk level of each individual match.

Supported Countries

This solution is available for people or companies in all countries

Recipe & Endpoints

Check out this recipe for more information on how to use Sikoia's API to screen a person or company for adverse media results.


Start exploring Sikoia's adverse media endpoints here.

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