About Sikoia

Sikoia streamlines and automates key parts of your customer onboarding and verification processes. Our platform grants centralised access to well-structured customer data and unique insights. It is fully modular, enabling you to tailor your requests in line with your specific requirements and processes.

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API Reference

Want to explore our product? Check out our API reference to explore and test our API.

Integration Principles

Want to see how our API works? Explore our integration principles to gain insights into our approach to authentication, API behaviour, versioning, and webhooks.


Want to learn more? Dive into our solutions section to see how you can use Sikoia to create and manage entities, enrich those entities with additional data, generate affordability insights, perform income & employer verifications and power your decisioning.


Stay informed about the current status of the Sikoia's API and Dashboard by visiting the Sikoia Status Page. The page also provides details about any ongoing incidents.

What’s Next

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