Groups, Categories & Indicators

Groups & Categories

Within the overview summary, income and expenditure are broken down by the following groups and categories:

Group: Income

Regular wage and salaryNet income from wages and salary
BenefitsNet income from benefits including child benefits
Other incomeNet income from any other sources such as rental or pension income

Group: Essential Expenditure

Mortgage and rentAll mortgage and rental related costs
Transportation and travelCosts such as car loans, car maintenance, commuting, flights and hotels
UtilitiesExpenses such as water, gas, electricity, phone, broadband
Groceries and shoppingExpenditure on food and other supermarket retailer spend
Credit cards and loansPayments for personal loans and credit cards
Cash withdrawalATM or other cash withdrawals
Insurance premiumsPayments for various insurance types such as home insurance, pet insurance, accident insurance
PetcareCosts related to pet food and maintenance
TaxTaxes paid including council tax
Other essential expenditureAny other essential expenses not categorised above (e.g., childcare)

Group: Non-Essential Expenditure

EntertainmentSpend at restaurants, bars, etc.
Satellite TV and subscriptionsSpend for TV and online services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime
SavingsTransfers to dedicated savings accounts
GamblingExpenses or income related to gambling
ShoppingSpend on general retailers, online shopping, clothing etc
Other non-essential expensesAny other non-essential expenditure not categorised above

Group: Other

OtherMiscellaneous expenditures not categorised above
Other InflowsIncoming transfers not categorised above
TransfersTransfers between accounts


The following indicators are returned as part of the overview:

BenefitsTransactions evidencing the receipt of benefit payments
ChildrenTransactions showing evidence of children or dependents
GamblingTransactions evidencing income or expenditure associated with gambling institutions
High value transactionsAny single transaction equal to or above £10,000.00
InsuranceTransactions evidencing payments in relation to an insurance premium
Loans (excluding credit cards)Transactions relating to loans