Users, Roles and Permissions


A user is an individual person within your team who has access to the Sikoia Dashboard.


Each user has one role associated with them. The available roles are:

  • Admin
  • Manager
  • Agent

The user's role determines what permissions they have.


A permission determines what actions the user can take when accessing the Sikoia dashboard. The table below details the permissions associated with each role.

User Management
Add new users
View users
Edit existing users
Delete existing users
Case Management
View all cases
View cases assigned to only the user
Create cases
Delete cases
Add entities to a case
Delete entities in a case
Add documents to a case
Delete documents in a case
Download documents

How it Works

Admins can add, edit and delete users using the Sikoia Dashboard.

To add a new user, simply open the Sikoia Dashboard, go to the users tab, click the 'Add User' button, and enter the new user's name and work email address.

To delete a user, go to the users tab, find the user you wish to delete, and select the delete option.

To edit a user's details or role, go to the users tab, find the user you wish to edit, select the edit option, and follow the instructions.



Start exploring Sikoia's user management endpoints here.