Sikoia's Affordability Insights solution enables you to automatically ascertain the typical monthly income and expenditure for a person living in the UK. This powerful solution is a game-changer, particularly for simplifying complex processes such as loan assessments and mortgage affordability checks.

Key Features

The solution extracts insights from bank statements and open banking data, generating several intelligent outputs:

  • Cashflow Summary: Obtain a detailed breakdown of typical monthly income, essential expenditures, and non-essential expenses.
  • Upsell & Risk Indicators: Identify transactions that meet specific criteria, helping you flag potential risks or uncover upsell opportunities.
  • Detailed Transaction Classification: Dive into a granular view of monthly, aggregate, and average spending by merchant, intelligently grouped by category.

How it Works

  1. Create a case: Create a case using the create case endpoint and add any relevant entities to the case.
  2. Add transaction data: Upload bank statement documents to the entity and / or create one or more open banking connections for the entity.
  3. Generate insights: Request insights using the request Affordability Insights endpoint.
  4. Retrieve the results: Retrieve the Affordability Insights overview which provides the cash flow summary and indicators or retrieve the detailed transaction classification as needed.

See the image below for additional details on how the flow works when bank statements are used as the transaction data source.

Recipe & Endpoints

Explore our Affordability Insights recipe to get started and be one of the earliest adopters.


Start exploring Sikoia's Affordability Insights endpoints here.

More Information

Have questions or want to discuss our solution with a specialist? Have specific categories or indicators you'd like to see added to the lists above? Contact us and we'll be happy to assist.