Identity Verification

What it Does

Sikoia's secure identity verification solution enables you to verify a person’s identity using a live selfie and government issued documents. This acts as a robust defense against fraudulent activities.

Through a unified API, Sikoia provides access to providers such as Veriff and Au10tix ensuring you receive verified information in a standardised API response format.

How it Works

  1. Create a Case & Add a Person: Create a case and add a person to the case.
  2. Initiate a Request: Create an identity verification request via Sikoia's request IDV endpoint. This generates a unique URL which you share with the person undergoing verification.
  3. User Input: The person clicks on the URL on their preferred device and platform and follows a series of prompts to capture images of their government-issued ID and record a simple selfie. After completion, Sikoia redirects them back to your platform.
  4. Automated Liveliness Check and Face Matching: AI-powered technology conducts liveliness checks, face matching, verifies document authenticity, ensures image integrity, and delivers a swift result.
  5. Review Decision: Sikoia promptly provides the result to you via the retrieve IDV result endpoint within seconds.

This white-labeled flow seamlessly integrates into any application.

See the image below for additional details.

Possible Results

The possible results of an identity verification request are as follows:

ApprovedThe identity verification has been successful. The document is authentic and matches the person.
DeclinedThe identity verification has been declined. The document may not be authentic or may not match the person. Details on the reason are provided in the response message.
Resubmission RequestedIt was not possible to make a decision based on the images and videos provided. (For example, an image may have been blurry.) The user will need to complete the process again.
Not CompletedThe identity verification process has either not been started or was abandoned.

Supported Countries

This solution is available for all countries.

Supported Documents

The user-provided ID documents must meet the following criteria:

  • Document must be a government issued driver's license, passport, residence permit, or standard ID.
  • Document must be an original – photos of government issued documents are not accepted.
  • Document is valid, not scratched, stained, or torn.
  • Applicant’s full name, date of birth, MRZ (Machine Readable Zone), and other essential information is present and readable.

Webhook Events

If you have configured any webhooks that reference one of the Identity Verification events you will receive one of:

  • IdentityVerification.Completed - sent when a user completes the identity verification successfully or unsuccessfully. It will contain the verification result from the table above
  • IdentityVerification.Expired - sent only when a verification process has been requested for a user but they never completed it before the link expired

Both events will contain links for retrieving the Requests List and full IDV Result.

Recipe & Endpoints

Check out this recipe for more information on how to use Sikoia's API for identity verification.


Start exploring Sikoia's identity verification endpoints here.