All endpoints must include the API version in the resource path. If this is not included then a 404 – Not Found error will be raised.

Version Incrementation

We will increment our API version when we release breaking changes that are not backwards compatible.

Breaking Changes

The following are not considered to be breaking changes:

  • Adding new resource endpoints
  • Adding new HTTP methods to an existing resource endpoint
  • Adding new fields to responses objects
  • Adding optional fields to requests (or fields with defaults)

Please ensure that your system can accommodate these changes without any issues.

Breaking changes may include:

  • Changing/removing fields
  • Changing resource paths

Sunsetting & Deprecation

When new versions of the API are released, the previous version will be marked as deprecated. It will also be announced via the Changelog and by email.

It is recommended to move over to the new version as soon as possible.

The previous version will continue to be supported for a period of time after the new version is released to allow API clients time to migrate.