Supported Bank Statements

Bank Statement Criteria

Bank statements must meet the following criteria:

  • Statements must be from a UK bank included in the list of supported banks below.
  • Statements must be in PDF format, base64 encoded.
  • Statements must be downloaded directly from the official bank website or mobile application. Photos or scanned copies are not supported.
  • Statements must be unaltered and unencrypted.
  • Statements must be for a joint or individual bank account or credit card. Mortgage statements and loan statements are not supported.

Supported Banks

We can currently only process and return extracted bank statement data from banks in the United Kingdom. Below is a list of supported institutions.

Financial InstitutionStatus - Bank Account StatementsStatus - Credit Card Statements
Cooperative Bank (and Smile)BetaNot yet supported
MonzoBetaNot yet supported
NationwideBetaNot yet supported
SantanderBetaNot yet supported
StarlingBetaNot yet supported
Virgin MoneyBetaBeta
Bank of ScotlandTestTest
ChaseTestNot yet supported
FirstDirectTestNot yet supported
RevolutTestNot yet supported
Ulster BankTestNot yet supported