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Before requesting affordability insights, create a case and share bank transaction data either by uploading bank statements and / or by creating an open banking connection.

Create a Case

Create a case using the create case endpoint. A case can optionally contain companies and/or people. You can share bank transaction data and request Affordability Insights at the case, person or company level.

  • For unique insights for individual applicants within a case, add each person as a person entity, upload relevant documents, create open banking connections, and request insights per person.
  • For joint applications, add all necessary documents or connections to the case and request insights for the entire case.


If joint bank accounts or statements are being used, upload transaction data and request Affordability Insights at the case level.

Upload Bank Statements

Upload bank statements using the upload document endpoint. Ensure the entity_id and entity_type are specified in the request. For accurate insights, upload at least three complete months of statements.

Bank statements must meet the following criteria:

  • Statements must be from a supported UK bank. You can find a list of supported banks here.
  • Statements must be in PDF format, base64 encoded.
  • Statements must be downloaded directly from the official bank website or mobile application. Photos or scanned copies are not supported.
  • Statements must be unaltered and unencrypted.
  • Statements must be for a joint or individual bank account. Mortgage statements, credit card statements and loan statements are not supported.


Safari, Firefox and Edge browsers may alter the documents if viewed in the browser and then saved, either directly or via a “print to pdf” function.

Check the status of uploaded bank statements

After uploading documents, verify their processing status using our sources endpoint. Ensure the status is Complete for at least one or more of the uploaded documents. Documents with Failed, Pending, or UnsupportedDocument statuses cannot be used for affordability analysis.

The possible document statuses are:

  • Complete: The document has been successfully processed
  • Failed: Processing of the document has failed.
  • UnsupportedDocument: The provided document is not a bank statement or not in PDF format.
  • Pending: Document processing is still in progress.

Create an Open Banking Connection

As an alternative to uploading bank statements, connect a bank account for a UK bank using open banking by utilising the relevant open banking connection endpoint.

You can find more information on the types of connected accounts that can be used to generate an affordability insights here.

You can also check the status of all open banking connections requested for an entity through the relevant endpoint.

Now, you're ready to request Affordability Insights.