Release 43

Deployed to Production on 15/03/2024.


Reminder about OAuth 2.0

As previously mentioned, Sikoia's API now uses the OAuth 2.0. protocol. For details on this migration, refer to our Authentication guide. API key usage will be deprecated on July 31st, 2024; you can find the deprecation announcement here.


New Product Launch

  • Income & Employer Verification (Beta): Say hello to our Income & Employer Verification solution which allows you to effortlessly verify an individual's income and employer details by simply analysing payslip documents. Get a clear breakdown of annual gross pay, monthly gross pay, and monthly net pay, broken down by income type and source. Also get insights into one-off payments like bonuses and significant deductions, such as those linked to student loan repayments. Read more about this product on our website or dive deeper into its functionalities in our API guides.


Improvements and Fixes

  • New webhook events: We've introduced a new webhook event: PayslipProcessing.Completed. Find all the details in our webhook guide.

We've also been busy squashing bugs. Here's what we've fixed recently:

  • We resolved an issue causing visual rendering glitches with PEPs & Sanctions data in certain web browsers.