Release 41

Deployed to Production on 20/02/2024.


Reminder about OAuth 2.0

As previously mentioned, Sikoia's API now uses the OAuth 2.0. protocol. For details on this migration, refer to our Authentication guide. API key usage will be deprecated on July 31st, 2024; you can find the deprecation announcement here.


New Features

  • Webhooks: We've introduced webhooks to facilitate instant communication between your system and Sikoia. See our guides page for more details. Stay tuned for additional webhook events in upcoming releases!
  • AML Risk Automation: We're making it even easier to quickly review Adverse Media and PEPs & Sanctions results. If an entity has no matches or all matches have had the risk level set to low and/or been whitelisted or marked as false positives, the overall risk for the entity will now automatically update to low.


Improvements and Fixes

  • Banking Data Source: Added a source field to the response model for our GET/v2/openbanking/{bank_connection_id} and GET/v2/{entity_type}/{entity_id}/openbanking endpoints which indicates whether the data origin is an open banking connection or a bank statement document.
  • Upload Document: The document_type field in the POST/v2/documents endpoint is now optional.
  • Affordability Insights Data Sources: Added a message field to the response model for our GET/v2/{entity_type}/{entity_id}/affordability-insights/sources endpoint offering helpful information for unprocessed bank statements.
  • Bank Statements - Supported Banks: We've extended the list of institutions for which we can process and return extracted bank statement data. See our Coverage page for a complete list of supported bank.s

We've also been busy squashing bugs. Our most recent fixes include:

  • Resolved a Dashboard redirection issue after editing a case, company, or person. Now you'll be redirected to the previous page after making those edits.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing changes to PEPs & Sanctions and Adverse Media entity risk levels from pulling through to the overview page.