Release 48

Deployed to Production on 17/06/2024.


Reminder about OAuth 2.0

A friendly reminder: Sikoia's API has migrated to the OAuth 2.0. protocol. For details on this migration, refer to our Authentication guide. API key usage will be deprecated on July 31st, 2024; you can find the deprecation announcement here.


New Features

  • Monthly gross pay breakdown: Great news! Our Income & Employer Verification solution now offers a detailed breakdown of an individual's employment related gross pay. This includes granular categories such as Basic Pay, Commission Pay, Overtime Pay, and Shift Allowance, providing deeper insights into compensation types.
  • Credit cards: You asked, we listened! Our Affordability Insights solution now supports credit card statements. Credit card statements from supported banks can now be used alongside other bank statements and open banking data to generate comprehensive affordability insights.


Improvements and Fixes

We've also been busy squashing bugs. Our most recent fixes include:

  • Resolved an issue which was causing some of our company registry endpoints to return an intermittent 401 response for valid requests.
  • Resolved an issue with our data sources endpoint which was causing some non-processed documents to show a status of complete instead of provided.