Release 47

Deployed to Production on 20/05/2024.


Reminder about OAuth 2.0

A friendly reminder: Sikoia's API has migrated to the OAuth 2.0. protocol. For details on this migration, refer to our Authentication guide. API key usage will be deprecated on July 31st, 2024; you can find the deprecation announcement here.


New Endpoint

  • New insights data sources endpoint: We've launched a new endpoint to easily view all data sources available for generating insights and their status: GET/v2/{entity_type}/{entity_id}/insight-data-sources. This replaces the old endpoint GET/v2/{entity_type}/{entity_id}/affordability-insights/sources, which is no longer public. We'll be coordinating with all clients using the previous endpoint to help you switch to the new one.


Improvements and Fixes

  • Enhanced API Descriptions & Examples: We've spruced up our API endpoint descriptions and beefed up the examples to make building with our API a breeze.
  • Updated Affordability Insights Category Name: We've tweaked the name of our "Regular wage and salary" category to "Employment and/or Self-employment" to better align with the naming conventions used in our income and employer solution.
  • New Field Added to Document API Responses: Exciting news! We've introduced a new sikoia_document_type field to our Document API responses. This field reveals the document type, as classified by Sikoia's AI system. Keep an eye out for sikoia_document_type in responses from the following endpoints:
    • GET v2/documents/{document_id}
    • GET v2/{entity_type}/{entity_id}/documents

We've also been busy squashing bugs. Our most recent fixes include:

  • Fixed an issue where some bank statement transaction descriptions were displayed incorrectly.
  • Resolved a pesky bug that was altering the capitalisation of case names when creating cases via the portal.