Release 44

Deployed to Production on 02/04/2024.


Reminder about OAuth 2.0

Just a friendly reminder: Sikoia's API has migrated to the OAuth 2.0. protocol. For details on this migration, refer to our Authentication guide. API key usage will be deprecated on July 31st, 2024; you can find the deprecation announcement here.



  • New webhook events: We're excited to announce the addition of several new webhook events: DocumentProcessing.Completed, BankProcessing.Completed, IncomeEmployerInsights.Completed. Find all the details in our webhook guide.
  • Identity Verification Status: Checking the status of an Identity Verification request is now simpler than ever.
    • We've added a new verification_status field to our GET/v2/identity/{request_id} and GET/v2/persons/{person_id}/identity-verifications endpoint responses. This field provides the status of a result, which could be Approved, Declined, Resubmission Requested, or Not Completed.
    • Additionally, we've introduced a new verification_status query parameter to our GET/v2/persons/{person_id}/identity-verifications endpoint. This enables users to filter results by their verification status.