Release 39

Deployed to Production on 10/01/2024


New Features

Product Launch

  • Affordability Insights (Beta): Our Affordability Insights solution derives analyses from bank statements and open banking data to streamline complex tasks such as loan assessments and mortgage affordability checks. The solution enriches bank transaction data with detailed categorisation and merchant information, delivering several intelligent outputs: Cashflow Summary, Upsell & Risk Indicators, and Detailed Transaction Classification. Read more about this product on our website or view our guide in the docs.


Improvements and Fixes

Authentication and Authorization changes

  • Introducing OAuth 2.0.: We have moved the Sikoia API across to OAuth 2.0. protocol. While API keys are secure, the OAuth 2.0 protocol offers more robust security, greater flexibility, and a better developer experience. Read more about Authentication and Authorization with Sikoias API in our guide here. We also have introduced a new UI screen in the portal to manage configuration and access under Applications.


Using API keys and want to know how this change impacts you? See our guidance here.

A separate deprecation announcement for the use of API keys will be published in due course.