Portal Release 36

Deployed to Production on 31/10/2023


New Features

New Product

  • Decisioning Automation: Our new product solution for automating your decisioning is now available. Automate rules to assess cases against your specific policy requirements without the need for complex coding. To request access, contact us via the support button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Portal Changes

  • User Roles and Permissions: Managing users in your organisation just got easier - we've introduced user roles and permissions to ensure your team have only the access they need. Each of the roles available have permissions associated with them which you can view here.
    When adding new users to your organisation you can select one of three roles:
    • Agent
    • Manager
    • Admin


Improvements and Fixes

  • More efficient ways to add and edit users: The portal has been updated to improve the flow when adding or editing users. Both actions now happen from within the users screen.
  • Clearer user guidance: We've updated some of the portal pages to indicate what data you'll be receiving before requesting it, and detail prerequisites like supplying email addresses.
  • Issue with refreshing Open Banking connections: The button in the portal to refresh Open Banking data connections is now fixed.
  • General UI improvements: Styling improvements have been introduced to bring consistency and enhance your experience of the portal. More coming soon...