Release 32

Deployed to Production on 02/10/2023


New Features

User Management

We've improved how an organisations users are handled throughout the Sikoia platform. Users now have a user_id that can be used throughout the case management product.

  • User Management: You will now see a list of users associated with your organisation when in case management. The enhancements to case management include:
    • On case creation you can assign ownership to a specific user associated with your organisation from a drop down
    • Case ownership can be added, updated or removed by selecting from a drop down list of users associated with your organisation

Update to existing endpoints

  • Any response body received from the following endpoints will now include an ownership array:

    • GET /v2/cases
    • POST /v2/cases
    • GET /v2/cases/{case_id}
    • PATCH /v2/cases/{case_id}
    • POST /v2/cases/{case_id}/entities
    • PATCH /v2/cases/{case_id}/entities
  • ⚠️ The owner value will now show as deprecated. We will continue to support this through a transition period whilst users migrate to use the new ownership array.

New response body example:

    "case_id": "64cd8202-2db4-44d5-85be-79438d65eb7b",
    "name": "Acme Ltd Loan Application",
    "case_type": "Business",
    "stage": "New",
    "datetime_created": "2023-02-10T10:59:46.0260000+00:00",
    "datetime_last_modified": "2023-02-12T13:04:21.3260000+00:00",
    "reference": "LOAN03584",
    "description": "Acme Ltd looking to borrow money to fund a new fleet of delivery vehicles.",
    "source": "API",
    "owner": "Cecilia Adams",
    "ownership": [
         "owner_id": "6a9f8d73-29f4-4a6a-80dc-21b8cbecff75",
         "owner_type": "user"
    "number_of_companies": "2",
    "number_of_persons": "5"


Improvements and Fixes

  • Adding multiple companies to a case: Bug fix released to resolve some issues with companies not successfully being added to a single case.
  • Users page: Intermittent issues reported with loading of the users page. Now resolved.
  • UI consistency: Some of our pages had slight differences, so to improve your experience we've made a few minor tweaks to behaviour on pop out sections.
  • Creating Open Banking connections: We now validate the country_code provided when calling POST /v2/openbanking to ISO standards.