Portal Release 29

Deployed to Production on 06/07/2023

Portal Changes


New Features

  • Enhanced Adverse Media Feature: In addition to providing an easier way to view potential adverse media matches and articles, you now have the ability to set relevance and risk levels for individual matches. Furthermore, you can opt to exclude a match from future refreshes or search results, providing you with more control over your data.


Improvements and Fixes

  • Streamlined Add Company Process: We have updated our add company flow to ensure a more intuitive experience when adding a company to a case.
  • Financials Data: We've extended company credit report data to include company financials including the balance sheet, financial statement, and key ratios.
  • Enhanced UI and Styling: Weโ€™ve make some improvements to our UI styling to provide you with a more visually appealing and streamlined experience while using the portal.
  • Fixed Timestamp Display Issue: We have resolved an issue that was causing the timestamp on the case landing page to display in 12-hour format instead of the expected 24-hour format.